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  • : Children of Mamoridou
  • : Children of Mamoridou est un projet d'alphabétisation d'une école primaire dans le Sud de la Guinée-Conakry à Mamoridou, El Hadj Filani Mamadi Camara.
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  • lizaleyla
  • Liza Leyla est traductrice et auteure multilingue, elle est membre de la presse mondiale et collabore à diverses revues. Elle est marraine d'une école primaire à Mamoridou dans la préfecture de Beyla
  • Liza Leyla est traductrice et auteure multilingue, elle est membre de la presse mondiale et collabore à diverses revues. Elle est marraine d'une école primaire à Mamoridou dans la préfecture de Beyla
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The “Four Plus One”, international poetry

Four plus One”, Earth Culture Press, September 2020

Poetry in Chinese-English-Dutch

Eliza Muylaert Brussels (Belgium)


In the oriental philosophy, the Satori is the conviction that we reach the Reign of Freedom and Happiness. I think we can also reach it in poetry.

The Chinese poet LANG Tangjie brings us this concept by his symbolist poetry that is an homage to Nature and Mother Earth. Sometimes it is good to forget and to liberate from the cruelty of Life. From The Old Place on with its beautiful souvenirs, there are New Sprouts born with the song of the birds as background. As a magician, Lang Tangjie speaks about a world of Love and Surrender. We can enjoy The Tranquillity of Time in the flower's blooming and falling. Nature, Love and Dead are the three great themes of poetry and find in his poetry a graceful expression with an expressionist and symbolist taste.


The poems of LI Shangchao lead us in the sky to the paradise of The Stray Bird that lost her orientation like people in Love. This made me think about the marvellous travel of Nils Holgersson and the flight of the birds in the great fairy tale of Selma Lagerlöf, leading us to higher spheres, far from the terrestrial chaos. I situated the bird in the feminine universe like Qi Fengyan, a question of poetic freedom (I note that in the Dutch language the bird is masculine). The glimmering candle reaches the end of its lifetime like the grandfather breathing his last in the mountain wind. What a beautiful metaphor! The Moon rises over the Deep Mountain conducts us to The Last Holy Light when we are gazing to the rising darkness. Perhaps it allows consciousness and escape from the prison of our phobias. But the comet changes of direction when mankind fall asleep. Perhaps there is hopeful horizon. The stones refer to eternity and are immovable in their anonymity.


The poetry of DUAN Guang'an speaks us about stones, impressive monuments of death. His beautiful poems full of metaphorical emotions are an homage to the mother who left our planet and becomes one with Mother Earth. Tears enlighten like crystals, drop by drop, the descent in the depth. The description of The Stone Tablet is covered with an expressionist veil. The Death is inexorable like in Der Müde Tod of film-maker Fritz Lang. Finally, the Death is averted by the Liberation of the Self, an essential concept in the philosophical thought. Eternal Love overcomes the Death, and this is the message of this touching poetry.


We should be afraid of a poem? No. This declamation we could chant is a line of the poetry of poet and philosopher ZHANG Zhi. We know him especially from the impressive World Poetry Yearbooks of which he is Editor-in-chief together with Lang Tangjie. The inspiring and inventive poems of Arthur Zhang (his English name), marked by his pacific spirit refer to his profound preoccupation of growing awareness, a blessing in world of physical and moral violence. The cry of the child visiting the tomb of his father is thrilling and overwhelming. The author tells us his subtle and symbolic vision of the manuscript and its publication : blossoming freely on the bed of the country... blossoming freely on the bed of the youth. The translator ZHANG Zhizhong emphasizes the concept of “enjambment” in his translation of poetry. After reading the poems of ZHANG Zhi we would like to go beyond the frontiers and realize a world community of awareness and peaceful delight.


Poetry is sublime par excellence! Liza LEYLA conducts us by the little way of the philosophy to end up in the Reign of Poetry. Her symbolic name refers to the myth of the Fin'Amors of the Troubadours in the Middle Age. Lingua & Littera refers to the interaction between the spoken and the written language, a research work without end. Damned time refers to the cruelty of the world. The Mermaid is the guardian angel of our creative and poetic freedom. Like the little Prince and the Stray Bird we loose sometimes our orientation. Perhaps we will end up on the moon or make a bridge between the sky and the Earth until we will find the Stone of Wisdom preferring Life to Survival.


We also offer our great gratitude full of appreciation to the translators : QI Fengyan, ZHANG Zhizhong, SHI Yonghao, TONGTIAN Jianri, Liza LEYLA. An enormous work of competence and dedication. The purists of language will not understand their poetic freedom. Let we join us to the enjambment in poetry of ZHANG Zhizhong, a concept that is also dear to philosopher ZHANG Zhi allowing us to cross over the ocean. Many thanks to the IPTRC (International Poetry Translation and Research Centre) for this beautiful realisation.


Our special thanks to the great poet and philosopher ZHANG Zhi who worldwide realizes communication by multiple cooperative projects. His poetry integrates the key of conscience rising. Unfortunately, we could not comment in depth all the translated poems of these famous Chinese poets, because we are limited in time and space. Communication offers us the possibility of endless exchange. Zhang Zhi emphasizes the importance of freedom in the field of writing and publication that offers us a chance of spiritual exchange going beyond the frontiers…



PRIZES 2020: The International Best Poets & Translators, IPTRC



Manfred Malzahn [Germany]

Thuraya al Arrayed [Saudi Arabia]

Salvatore D’Ambrosio [Italy]

Tareq Samin [Bangladesh]

Asror Allayarov [Uzbekistan]

Kae Morii [Japan]

Rahim Karim [Kyrgyzstan]

ZHOU Duanzhuang [China]

Celia Altschuler [Puerto Rico]

András Petöcz [Hungary]

Eldar Akhadov [Azerbaijan]



Liza LEYLA [Belgium]

Domenico DEFELICE [Italy]

LU Feng [China]

Kurt F. Svatek [Austria]





             January 18, 2021

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